Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sleeping Anywhere

I'd say almost everyone has received that forwarded email circling the internet with pictures of babes and toddlers sleeping half in a bookshelf while standing, asleep mid-bite of food, sleeping half climbing up onto a chair, or in the sandbox. Funny and amusing captures of exhaustion in the act.

With Ace, for the longest time, not sleeping without milk, taking nearly an hour to fall asleep regardless of his exhaustion level, and rarely sleeping anywhere but his bed or car seat unless he was laying on me... I thought the day of sleeping 'anywhere' would never come.

While I don't think this is a profound step in his sleep, I certainly find it note worthy. It means that he's able, if he is so willing or tired enough, to put himself to sleep. I also find that it is good 'training' for him being able to sleep anywhere. My husband and I always set out to have our son be a good sleeper. However, he just wasn't wired for it. While he does ok with light, noise is his akiles heel usually. It does seem to be more of an issue at night rather than nap time, but he still requires a white noise inducer to drowned out the awake life of the rest of the house.

So when Ace laid on the ground having a mild whine-fest and he ceased the whine, I figured he'd pop up and continue to play as usual... but nope when I looked over he was O-U-T. For about forty minutes! He had already had one 45 minute nap, which was very shortened compared to pre-illness 60-90 minutes naps - so he was still tired from a lack of true sleep refreshment. He looked so sweet laying on the dining room floor. I thought of covering him, but I didn't dare touch him. He slept there slumbering and woke up wanting to eat. :)

Sleep is coming to our house... slooooowly but surely.


Stesha said...

Look at him lying there so peacefully. Sleep is a big issue with the twins. Riding along in their car seats, or falling asleep in my lap, are when they are most peaceful. Other than that, we have a terrible time getting them to sleep. May we should try the white noise too. Or maybe one day we'll look up, and they'll be zonked out on the floor!

Hugs and Mocha,

Heather said...

Oh my gosh, that is darling!!