Thursday, April 1, 2010

A new addition

When I was pregnant I was blessed to have a friend who was already going through the same things as me. And I continue to be blessed by the fact that our two children love to play together. Since they were born (9 weeks apart) they have seen each other at least once a week since birth - minus our month long hiatus in California - Ace and Sabria are friends and in many power-struggling mannerisms - siblings.

And now there is a new addition, yes my friend gave birth to her son on March 7th, a much anticipated and *overdue* event! So I was soo bummed when I was sick the night before she was induced. I had to wait over a whole week *gasp* to meet Mr. Kyler, and introduce him to Ace. Ace loved him, I loved him, and of course Kyler's parents and sibling love him. :) So here he is... Mr. Kyler. Maybe in the future we can give Kyler a friend to play with like Ace and Sabria have each other. :)

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brianne said...

Kyler is getting so big! Aiden looks a little jealous that Sabria gets a new playmate ;)