Friday, May 7, 2010

Collard Greens

Yes there's a true southern girl in me - and I love collard greens. There are lots of different ways to prepare them - often enjoying reducing these greens into leafy 'snot' but I didn't go that route this time. I decided instead to cook it up to just a nice degree of 'cooked' - there wasn't really a recipe this time. No more there was another round of searching the fridge and using what we had. I chopped up a bunch (not a lot ... but how they are packaged in the store) of collard greens and put them over the heat with chicken broth, salt, pepper, and garlic pepper. Then I added in a whole onion, tomatos, and hot dogs.

Sound familar? Yah it really was a similar recipe to what I used the other day - but the ingredients we had in our house were still the same and a family needs to eat - it actually have completely different flavors since the collard greens has flavoring all their own. And my husband approved! Before he nearly gagged when I said I liked collard greens. I think he invisioned them in the 'snot' form. I have to say I like it that way too :) Actually I prefer my turnip greens that way. Maybe I'll make some of those as well.

Sorry for the poor quality, I used the cell phone for this shot.

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