Monday, May 24, 2010

Twenty-One Months Old

Goodness gracious! I almost have a two year old. Yikes! When on earth did this happen??? Ace is growing and thriving and we as parents are loving every second of it. Every stage seems to be more and more fun!

Ace hasn't had a teeth update in a while, but he has one more officially almost all the way in and 3 more 'sharp' teeth poking through - they still are creeping extremely slowly through the surface. His final set of molars I think are also making some signs of movements under the gums, but I think the real level of teething for those are a still a ways off for him.

Health wise Ace has been doing pretty good. A few weeks ago he had a round with a runny nose, but it didn't slow him down much. He just needed his nose wiped A LOT and for being a squirmy little guy, he did very well with that task. He seems to be growing and according to the scale at PopPop's he weighs 21.6lbs - pretty decent for his slow rate of gaining weight (he was 20lbs at 18 months) He continues to gain height though and I swears seems taller every day.

Sleeping still isn't perfected, but it certainly is a vast improvement from what it was in January. His bed was recalled so he's simply sleeping on his mattress on the floor, but it works basically the same and actually has a shorter distance to fall out of bed. :) He in the last couple of weeks has been extending the hours he slept. The other night he slept from 9pm-6am and then toddled into our room for another 2 hours of snoozing. He's getting better and getting the rest he needs all on his own. He's doing great lately falling asleep without us having to sit in the room and awaiting him to render himself unconscious - we have gotten the routine down and he knows he is safe and we are able to leave the room after we finish saying his prayers. 90% of the time he falls asleep on his own now without one of us in the room waiting for it. The other Ace and I enjoyed ourselves a 'camp out' in the play room. I set up his tent and the air mattress for me, and he slept for 8 hours before he snuck another 2 with me on the air mattress. It was fun and he fell asleep under the 'stars' of his turtle nightlight. :)

His vocabulary continues to improve and adding more and more multiple syllable words daily. He doesn't often bring them up on his own, but repetition is his friend these days. That also means we have to watch what we say very carefully :)

Ace enjoyed his first dip of the season in the kiddie-pool this month a few weeks back with his cousin, Parker. He has enjoyed many many visits to the park with mom, dad, his grandparents. He is certainly an outdoorsy boy. He is getting really good at climbing up and going down slides all on his own. He enjoys playing in the neighborhood, although he could take or leave the other kids. He at the moment is a very independent player.

Ace has enjoyed a full day of play with his grandparents last Friday which allowed mom to get some free time, of which she is forever grateful for! And Ace spent another 24hrs with just his dad. They did great together and mom enjoyed a bachelorette party. :) Ace also has spent the last two weeks almost the entire time in Toddler-1 at church. He's growing up and gathering a bit more Independence away from his parents. Although being left in T-1 at chuch still musters quite a racket when we first leave :-# But it will get better, I'm sure.

Summer is coming - although the weather is hard pressed to relinquish it to us - and we're looking forward to lots of outdoor fun and excitement! :)

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