Friday, May 7, 2010


Ok the baby is the size of a bb, a poppy seed, a period... like one of these: "." how on earth am I showing already?! This was my thought nearly 2 weeks ago now. Ok it isn't that unheard of - apparently the muscles are already stretched (and how!) from the first pregnancy (and there was certainly NO sits ups or tone-inducement occurring on this belly!) and the uterus is also reminded HEY I remember what to do and so it just goes for it. So while I understand the science behind it - I still find it disconcerting when I am required to unbutton my pants when I can barely produce a plus sign on a stick. Since we knew we were going to try to get pregnant I decided to take a 'before' picture. Or for those of you that wanted an 'after' picture when I was pregnant with Ace - you can consider this my 'after' picture. :)

I had a flat tummy. I was actually underweight (a small factor in why I quit breastfeeding Ace) and last I check even though my jeans weren't fitting so hot I hadn't gained any yet. However the belly seems to be altering rapidly. Like with my first pregnancy my belly in the evening seems to pop out more. And after I eat dinner - I look like I'm 3 months pregnant - no matter how little I eat. It's bizarre. None the less at the time this picture was taken the baby is just over 1mm long, I was 4 weeks and 4 days pregnant. But already had a roomy home. These pictures were taken mid-afternoon and no food had been consumed recently. That's all... baby?

Sundays are the day that I start a new week of pregnancy, so I'll attempt to provide new photos each week in these early weeks. Those posts are likely to show up on Mondays :)

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