Monday, May 17, 2010

6 Weeks

Well they say that six weeks is the magic number for when morning sickness rears its ugly nausea - well indeed it was. All weekend I had waves of nausea and then on Sunday evening I had two good rounds with the porcelain-prince. Delightful I know. The encouraging thing is that this is much later in this pregnancy than when I first had the 'morning' sickness when pregnant with Ace. So hopefully it is less frequent this go around.

Baby TIME is the size of a sweet pea now and baby's blood has started to circulate and their heart has started to beat. Baby's brain has started to form which means lots of eating dark leafy vegetables for mom in order to allow baby to get as much smarts as they can soak up! Avocados are also rich in folic acid and are good for Ace's growing brain as well - so we tend to eat a lot of that right now.

Since Baby TIME has been growing at a rapid rate (doubling in size since last week once again) I have been exhausted. I don't recall being this tired when I was pregnant with Ace, but man oh man I am EXHAUSTED! Yesterday Loving Husband was kind enough to let me nap... for three hours. I woke up and still was tired. And not tired like I got too much sleep. Nope like I still needed more. But I was hungry so I needed to eat and feed Baby. Ace also did well to allow me to sleep in the night. He slept from 10pm until 6am! Eight uninterrupted hours! That's GREAT!!! I feel much less exhausted this morning and hoping that trend continues.

Thankfully, the belly hasn't gotten any bigger than the previous week - so until it grows again I'll be postponing pictures! :)

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