Thursday, May 27, 2010

7 Weeks and 4 Days

Today was our first ultrasound. It was a bit earlier than they like to do them, since developmentally they are still a blob and they can't officially pick up the heartbeats per minute on the ultrasound quite yet. However, I requested this visit so that I'd have a picture to take with me to Cali when I visited my family. So at 6:45am our small family of 3.5 loaded in the car and headed to the doctor's office. Ace still in his pjs had fun running around the office, less fun once we were trapped in a smaller room. He did pretty well and liked looking at 'Baby' for a minute, said s/he looked like Mickey at one point and then quickly lost interest.

While we couldn't get an official read on the heartbeat, Megan said she'd guess it was 150bpm, that it was fast. That didn't surprise me - Ace's heartbeat was a steady 150bpm the entire pregnancy even after he ran out of room to squirm around in. :) Baby TIME is measuring exactly on target for a due date on January 9th, 2011 - which is 7 weeks and 4 Days pregnant.

The only 'abnormality' on my ultrasound was an extra fluid sac, which could have been that my body thought about making two of them in there (yikes!) but decided against it or just simply I have second sac of fluid next to the first one which will either be absorbed by my body or result in some spotting in the next few days or weeks. Not looking forward to that part of the program, never had any spotting with Ace not even after implantation - so it is nice to know that some at this point is to be expected. To insure that everything is adjusting properly the doctor wants to see me again in 2(ish) weeks from now. So June 15th we'll have another ultrasound to see how sac #2 is absorbing and how much more Baby TIME has grown.

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