Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Palm Springs Getaway

We've had a lot of milestone birthdays as of late - and thus us girls decided to come together and celebrate them together. Becky was kind enough to delay her celebration until I was already 'in town' and save me some airfare, and thus we celebrated this past weekend with a trip down to Palm Springs. Grandma kept the boy, and I was going to enjoy 24 hours of freedom, before he joined us for dinner on Saturday night!

Shelley and I headed out after she got off work around 4pm, Ace was happy to venture off with Grammie to Auntie Dawn's for a bit - no fuss at all (PROGRESS!) They had a good time, but something was looming (siiigh) as for Shell and I we arrived in Palm Springs and met up with Becky and Jamie and enjoyed some dinner in downtown. After dinner we went upstairs and started to enjoy some pool. That's when I checked in to see how our little guy was doing... Grammie said he had just thrown up... siiiigh. So we wrapped up playing the last game of pool and headed back to the hotel, where I took Shelley's car and headed back to my mom's.

Ace threw up a total of 6 times before I got home, and once more after I arrived. After that last time he wanted water ... while I am always hesitant to give him a ton during rounds of vomiting ... I figured it would be something to throw up. He drank about 6oz in no time flat and then was his ol' perky self and wanted to play. Really?! So I let him play for 45 minutes and around 11pm took him to lay down to go to sleep. He slept pretty 'normal' and woke up bright and happy. Ate his normal breakfast and seemed totally fine. So I returned Shelley's car to her house and got in my rental and headed back to Palm Springs. Ace and Grammie went to the store to buy some bananas.

After arriving back, I joined the gals at the pool and we relaxed in the desert heat and coolness of the pool. We then enjoyed relaxing and watching some Gilmore Girls in our hotel room and then got ready for dinner at Kobes! It's our favorite place in the desert to eat ... well anywhere, let's be serious. :) My mom and Ace joined us for dinner and we had a good time. Ace ate a good meal as well.

We returned to the hotel and Ace wanted to go swimming, and so we did. He had a great time running around on the 'seat' that was all the way around the pool. He was in there for probably 30 minutes before he started to shiver. So we got out, said goodbye to Grammie, who headed home, and Ace and I got in the shower. It was a good time and I was so glad he was feeling better.
He slept well, and we got up, enjoyed breakfast and then departed ways. Shelley, Ace and I headed back in my car and enjoyed lunch with her family. He had a good time. After that we were off to Derek and Jen's place to enjoy some cousin playtime and dinner with them and Grammie. It was a good weekend, in spite of that slight hiccup with the sickness for 3 hours on Friday evening.

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