Saturday, October 2, 2010

Double Digits

Yes, we are down to 99 days (roughly) until Mae arrives, and how better to celebrate than with a shower in her honor! It's hard to believe that so much time has passed so quickly, or that we only have (roughly) three months left before her arrival. Lots of things are happening in that time frame so time will certainly fly. The holiday months usually do.

I am 26 weeks pregnant (tomorrow) and Mae is happily squirming around inside. Today is my shower is SoCal and I am so glad that I am able to celebrate with friends and family that have known me for so long. It's a blessing to be able to come back to town as often as we are able to.

I've 'held up' pretty well. There was a definite distinction between week 24 and week 25 though and I could feel it from when I first went to Disneyland to when we went to Sea World the next week. Mae is the size of a English hothouse cucumber (who comes up with these things?) or about 14" from head to heel ... although if she has my genetic inclination, she's much shorter than that ;-) and weighs about 1.65lbs. The nerves in her ears are continuing to form and become more sensitive and she is inhaling and exhaling the amniotic fluid. Next week mommy gets to take a glucose test to ensure that blood sugars are happy for mom and baby. Oh boy, what fun!

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