Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sea World!

Last week my mom, Ace and I ventured on down to San Diego for a few days. When we arrived it was BLAZING HOT. Seriously, Point Loma was 106' on Monday. Seriously?!  Of course our plan was to go to Sea World after driving down - and that we did in the excessive heat. We only stayed about 4 hours.

We arrived at Sea World around 1pm and man was it HOT! I think that assisted in contributing to really FEELING 25 weeks pregnant. Oye! We visited a LOT of gift shops between stops. Ace was excited to see whales! (If you recall last Monday he woke up saysing 'I see whales!') We attempted to visit Shamu in the under water tank - but we sat there for 15 minutes awaiting his appearance and no killer whales were to be found, but it was shady and we were sitting, and the boy was eating so it was still nice. They also had a great informative and interesting video about Killer Whales so it wasn't a total bust.

We did get to see some dolphins and sharks though and Ace was excited and thrilled to see both of those species. We saw the Sea Lion show, and Ace took it all in. It was an amusing show - I always love to see how they switch it up over the years. But man that was REALLY hot to sit through. After that we headed over to 'see Elmo' and let Ace get wet and cool down, before we headed out to go to Aunt and Uncle's house. Ace had a blast at the splash pad.

Tuesday, we took a leisurly pace to get dressed and eat breakfast and then we headed back to Sea World, for a MUCH cooler day, but still pretty warm at times. We wandered through all the aquariums looking at fish, frogs, octopus, and all things that live in tanks. We'd get to one tank and Ace would almost immediately point to the next tank and say 'more fish.' so our time in the aquariums didn't take too long. :)

After that we headed to Shamu Stadium to watch the show. Ace took it all in - overall wasn't too thrilled with it. Honestly mommy wasn't either. It's so sad they aren't allowed in the water with the whales anymore. It makes for a lack luster show for sure. However, they are still beautiful animals and it's always nice to see them.

Next up was what Ace had been requesting all morning: PENGUINS! Oh boy! He was so excited to see all the penguins. He also got to see manatee and polar bears. He had a good time running around that area. After that we headed to another show with trained cats and dogs. It was cute, but Ace crashed in the last few minutes of the show. Grandma and I found a good shady seating area and sat for about an hour while he snoozed.

Our final stop was the kid's play area again and let Ace play on the bouncy pad and play with blocks. He actually ended up collecting them all and lining them all up and then climbing on them. It was adorable, and if some kid came and took one of his blocks, he simply would push the others together and keep going with his 'bridge' he was building. It was pretty cute to watch him work so hard.

We headed out and back to Aunt and Uncle's after that with our penguin in arms and lots of fun memories stored up!

Pictures coming whenever BLOGGER decides to flipping LOAD them! GRR

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