Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Thank You

Oh how I love that Ace takes naps now and that he falls asleep on his own... and I even appreciated on this particular day that it took him nearly an hour TO fall asleep. Giving me three hours to construct, craft, stamp, thank, address and add postage my thank yous to those that have given gifts to Mae. :) I love being crafty and as of late the opportunities are rare - so this was a fun activity for an afternoon.

I purchased some pink card stock and bought a new birdie stamp for the occasion, everything else I owned and I went to work trying to find the best combination that There were several varying combos of birds and blossoms, but I settled on this one as my favorite.

I wanted to pull off the look and 'theme' that matched Mae's room. Mae's room is done in cherry blossoms with birdies. (A future post will be here soon about that!) So I wanted to be thematic. It was fun and I'm really happy about how they turned out. In fact I might make extra just to use for every day 'thanks' :) You can see in the below picture at least in partial view some of the other alternatives - all of them were used, but the above picture was by far my favorite.

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