Saturday, October 16, 2010


Last Saturday, I completed clearing out Mae's room. I removed all signs that it once was an office and it sat an empty and awaiting canvas for our baby girl's room. Sunday, Ace and I went to the hardware store and picked out our paint colors: Cool Steel for the ceiling and Porch Swing Blue for the walls. We spent the next few hours on Sunday finishing taping and laying down the plastic on the floors.

Sunday night after Ace was in bed, I went to work on the ceiling. It only took about an hour to cover up that hideous blue that had been there since we moved in. Thankfully, I was meticulous enough to ensure that I had covered everything the first time so only one 'coat' was needed. I left the window open, put on the child proof door knob cover and went to bed.

Ace awoke the next morning wanting to go into sister's room. He runs back to my bed and says 'uh oh, sister's room is locked.' Yep, sorry son - no going in there without mommy's help for now. :) He was so excited because he knew that this day was the day that he got to paint his sister's room. And he did very well. I gave him an assigned area, and he stayed within it - he stayed pretty clean and did wonderfully to move to a new area when it was time for me to paint over his area. He was content to paint with me for about 90 minutes after which he declared he was all done painting. Excellent, because I was all done with the roller work and needed to move onto the edger and more detailed work which I wasn't wanting to have help with. :)

I spent another 45 minutes doing along the top and bottoms of the walls, around the doors, windows, etc.. and the first coat was complete. Not too shabby! Tuesday night after Ace went to sleep, I went in and did a second coat and some touch up work which took about an hour or so and then the painting was complete. Even removed a bit of the painter's tape. Wednesday, Ace and I went in and took all the tape and plastic off and we were done. :) Didn't take too long considering I did it myself, 7 months pregnant.

Next up was decorating and building furniture! A post coming soon!

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Great Job!!!!