Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Dad's home! Dad's home! Yes Loving Husband has been away for a while for work - and he came home yesterday! We were so glad to have him back with us. I had been holding off on going to the pumpkin patch until LH came home. Last year we were in California and so he wasn't able to be with us then, so I wanted to make sure we all went as a family this year. That meant waiting until today. Today happened to be the stormiest days thus far this fall. Of course! So we put on our boots and our waterproof jackets and headed out to the pumpkin patch, rain and all!

Ace was so excited to see all the pumpkins and to tromp through the mud with his dad. He had a good time wandering around that area and even trying an ear of corn! Loving Husband showed him how to 'peel' the corn, and Ace went to town chowing down. We had to stop him otherwise he might have eaten the entire thing. Not just the corn off the ear, but the entire ear of corn! haha! Silly boy. :)

Ace started to get pretty cold, and honestly did NOT like getting his hands muddy. In fact after he picked up one pumpkin that got him all muddy he was done actually picking them up. That boy likes his hands clean. We went back to the farm area and got ourselves a cookie and wandered around looking at the animals that they had inside the barn. Ace enjoyed looking and them. After a down pour past, we went back outside and let Ace run around the field for a while.

Then we headed home! It was a great morning at the pumpkin patch and I was so glad we could do it all as a family! :)


Mom said...

Beautiful Family!!!

Kati said...

I just love going to the pumpkin patch... you looked like you had a great homecoming.. Happy Fall.