Friday, October 8, 2010

Mae's So Cal Shower

Last Saturday in So Cal my friends and family hosted a baby shower for Baby Mae. Shelley, Becky, Dawn and my mom all collaborated to put on a beautiful shower at Dawn's home and it was great to see everyone and celebrate the soon to be arrival of Mae. :)

Ace was excited from the moment he woke up that he was going to get to open presents! Who knew HOW excited he be to do it until we got started and then he was a quick tornado of present wrapping flying everywhere. Thankfully between my mom and others he was entertained and distracted by chalk outside, allowing for a more standard pace of unwrapping.

Mae got a lot of wonderful things. Dawn of course made Baby Mae more beautiful quilts that were used as decoration around the house. A chocolate fountain was served with lots of delicious things and I ate my weight in deviled eggs. Seriously I probably ate 6 whole eggs - Mae REALLY likes them. :) It was great to see people on this trip that I probably otherwise wouldn't have seen.

It was a wonderful way to celebrate with everyone - and I managed to get it all home! Ace even helped me pack! Thank you to Shelley, Becky, Dawn and my mom for a wonderful shower - Ace and I had a great time!

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PhoinixFury said...

Awesome!! It was a ton of fun!! Glad you enjoyed it!