Wednesday, September 22, 2010

24 Weeks

6 months pregnant! I've been feeling really good lately - I am still able to pick Ace up with no issue and I can holding as well I ever am able to. :) In fact I spent Monday at Disneyland all day and walked around and stood for a long time and didn't feel that I needed to stop any extra than usual. The belly is ever expanding and more weight is going on me and baby (4oz in a week!) both - I can feel it - but that's ok!

Baby Mae is about the size of a ear of corn (8.7 inches) and weighs almost 1.5lbs. Right now her brain is developing rapidly - need to eat more Omega-3s, leafy green veggies, and protein! And things to stimulate those smarts! :) Our baby girl also stands a fighting chance now (about 50%) if she were born this minute. We're obviously hopeful and confidant that she's sticking right where she is for now. Her lungs are developing branches, her eyes are completely developed.

She is quite a squirmer in the evenings - at the moment she still likes to be lower rather than higher in the kicking department - having had Ace in my ribs/lungs kicking me all the time - I'm not sure which is preferable. I think the ribs/lungs FEEL more resilient -so I might have to go with that. I suspect she'll move upward as her space begins to lessen. :)

Ace has been doing great getting ready to be a big brother. He's been helping me clean out her room (formally the office and dumping ground of all things that have no home.) We'll be painting it soon after we get home from California. I'm sure he'll be happy to help do that. He loves to come over and say 'hi' to the baby by rubbing my tummy, and often talks about my stomach moving (regardless if it is) it's great he's so interested in his new sister.

We are all healthy and happy - and I'm enjoying my numbered days in the honeymoon stage! :)

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