Monday, November 21, 2005

All my love...

83 years of life.
56 years of marriage to his lovely wife.
25 years of my memories.
8 weeks spent on summer trips to the beach at Camp Pendleton.
5 weekends spent at cabins in Big Bear.
13 days at home with my family.
3 days sitting by my grandfather's side talking to him in his final hours about my amazing husband and how proud he is of me and when I find out about the bar exam.
1 day solely for an amazing man spent celebrating, crying and rejoicing over his, my grandfather's, life.
An eternity of happiness, sight, warmth and love.

I will miss you, Grandpa - but I know you are in the best place you could ever be. I will see you soon! Until then, whenever I see my humming bird, washing machine, and wishing well, I will think of you and all the memories we shared. I love you.

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