Thursday, July 28, 2005

How I think I did...

To avoid having to repeat this answer or refuse to answer it... here's my initial gut reaction. I am not concluding whether or not I passed or not... so don't ask.

DAY ONE: I was up at 5:00am and was out the door before 6:00am... I arrived to receive the equivalent to the "Golden Ticket" - except it was blue and we all got one. But it was required to get into the testing room, like the Golden Ticket was required to get into the Chocolate Factory... so it's sorta the same. Anyway. The room was a huge at the convention center in Bellevue. Our blue card included a letter and a number. I was Q-28. What does that mean? That means the back of the room was labeled A-Z (So 26 seats across... two per table) and 35 rows long. Yah that makes 910 people that were WRITING the exam... minus a few 50... It was crazy. So we had "orientation" and we are provided these "confidential numbers" that mean nothing until the time that we peel off a label from the magic blue ticket that had our name on it and fix it onto the bright pink confidential card that we then take the stub of (also containing our confidential number) and seal the card in an envelop. All the envelops were then collected and we were told they will be placed in a safe deposit box not to be opened until all results are finalized. So on all of our exams we wrote our "confidential number" me: 439... shh don't tell anyone (except the WA State Bar Graders.) So the exam is passed out... silence falls. Not too bad, all tolerable subjects. BREAK! Man 30 minutes goes fast. 3 more essays! LUNCH! Ugh 3 MORE essays. JET OUT GO HOME! Pay $12 for parking. Come home... study. I can purge my brain of several subjects because there is only one question per bar on certain subjects.

**REFLECTION** All those essays I had enough to talk about the whole space... I feel I got a lot of the issues. I couldn't remember Warranty for Fitness of a Particular Purpose! DANG IT! ... Overall oook!

DAY TWO: Leave the house at 7:00 (sleep in?! NO, still awake at 5:00am.) First set of questions are passed out. Read through them... WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!?! Criminal Procedure again.... what the hell did I do yesterday? First set of essays yesterday was Crim pro, or at least I thought it was... ((((PANIC))))) what did I do yesterday if it wasn't crim pro? There is only one crim pro on an exam... this can't be crim pro. Where is the Crim Law? OMG OMG OMG.... WRITE! TIME IS TICKING! Break... large mummers of the same... WHAT THE HELL!? Set Two.... Lunch! And now - we have the bliss of knowing almost postive what the LAST three essays of the bar exam will be: Constitutional Law/Admin Law, Commercial Paper & and mystery... Could be the missing Criminal law, but not likely since we already had two crim pros.... could be a second contract, or a second civ pro. What did we get?! Oh yes, here yah go: Constitutional Law, Contracts & Civil Procedure. What is wrong with this?! First Commercial Paper is on the exam 95% of the time. We were lucky to fall in that 5% it wasn't - oh wait... why the HECK did I just spend 3 days, yes count them THREE days studying what a negotiable instrument was if I didn't have to study it??!?!?!??!?! Yah - AND Constitutional law --- ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS tests  STATE LAW --- not this time. Federal. Did I study Federal? Not since SECOND YEAR OF LAW SCHOOL! And guess what was clouding over that, yah commercial paper.... the Civ Pro question was almost duplicate of the previous one that had already been on the exam... SO - the last three essays... not happy.BUT I could still be ecstatic because it was over. The substantive part of the exam was over. Exam is over I pay $12 for parking AGAIN and I head with Ali (see friends list) and Kara to a restaurant for food, drinks (water of course) and STUDYING! Yes, studying immediately following 9 essays.

**REFLECTION** Besides the total upset in the second day and all the outta left field things that they threw at us... it was sooo great to be done. I feel I did ok. If I totally bombed the Con Law - I feel I have enough points to make it up.

DAY THREE: Woke up at 5:00am AGAIN and for the last time... what an unholy hour that is... and was out the door again by 6:00am for registration where this time I received a white ticket. slightly less flare.... but 3 hours from then I would be done so I am not mourning the loss of my blue ticket that much. Six Professional Responsibility Essays (22.5 minutes each) and then I was D-O-N-E! I wrote them, they were fine, easy as cake compared to the previous two days... and we RACED over to Bellevue Square (the mall) to McDonald's (Kara, Ali and myself) to get breakfast in time. I had my McMuffin by 10:24am... and I was done with the bar exam.

The rest of my day was spent getting my pedicure, eating lunch with Ali and getting my hair cut and dyed (see profile picture) it was most excellent and sooo relaxing. Again, thank you all for encouragement and support and prayers and excitement for me. I am still kind of in shock that I really am done. So glad though. Carol is making me food (steak, corn on the cob and green beans) and Loving Husband is boarding a plane as I type and will be here before 11 tonight! I'm so happy.

So how do I feel I did... A-OK. I studied like mad, more than ever before and I feel I got enough down to get what they were looking for. If it is a true test of mediocrity then I did just fine.

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