Sunday, August 7, 2005


I graduated from law school, packed, moved and left my husband behind. I studied for several weeks, for endless hours at a time and didn't see my husband for 2.5 months. I took the biggest test of my life, and now I am finally home with my husband in So Cal.

It's so strange to be done. I've been working towards the goal of becoming a lawyer for so many years and I have accomplished all that I can to this point in completing that goal. It just feels good to be done.

I've unpacked all my stuff, even did a little cleaning out of stuff that I don't really need (since I didn't use it for 2.5 months)... Enjoyed spending time with Loving Husband... just the two of us. I'm just glad to be home.

I have about a week to relax and enjoy my freedom and then I start my teacher orientation at That College. It is strange to think that I will be teaching starting in 2.5 weeks! But for now... I'm just enjoying being done.

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