Tuesday, August 23, 2005


It is crazy to me that in two days time I am going to be teaching... ME! I've been thinking about this fact, and for whatever reason it feels very natural that this is the path that I am supposed to be taking. I am starting to feel a little nervous, but overall I have this eerie peace about the whole thing. It's nice. NOW, ask me on Wednesday before I go into the classroom whether that state is the same... it might catch up with me, and I'll feel different.

I've been working on syllabi, lesson plans and handouts. Reading through textbooks and figuring out what chapters, books, and articles to have the students read to maximize their learning on the subject of Ethics, Debate and Communication. It's all so strange to me! I mean seriously, who would have thought I'd be teaching COLLEGE! Teaching at a FOUR YEAR COLLEGE! I'm so excited about it and it's sooo great that I have this opportunity... it's just so mind blowing!

The best part?! I get to start a debate team! I am in charge of developing this program from the ground up, and if nothing else I'll always be known for starting the program at the college. That alone is so cool to me!

Well, I best get back to reading through the C.S. Lewis book that I chose for my students to read for the Ethics class. :)

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