Monday, August 8, 2005

My methods of procrastination

I wouldn't be me if I hadn't compiled a list of my ways of procrastinating... so for all of you to enjoy... this is how I procrastinated while studying for the bar.

(in no particular order)
1. Scrubbed the bedroom carpet clean (it wasn't even my carpet)
2. Got a kitten
3. Checked the earthquake website AT least 3 times a day
4. Watched every episode I could find of the Gilmore Girls - yes that means OVER 45 hours of it.
5. Cleaned the cat boxes
6. Painted the bathroom wall on a whim
7. then continued to paint the living room wall when the bathroom didn't take as long as desired.
8. Maintained a list of my procrastination methods
10. Created fun themes for people's myspace pages.

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