Tuesday, October 19, 2004


I love the rain and right now it is pouring... it's so great! Why can't we have more days like this? Why, because So Cal is ill-equipped to handle rain. I.E. Floating dumpsters, 7 accidents between Sunset Cliffs and the 163, and the floods in the offices next to ours. Yes, rain is nice, but So Cal can't handle it. Pansies!
So allow me to introduce you to the cutest dog ever! Her name is Droopy and she is featured as my icon currently. That is the latest addition to Derek and Jennifer's home. (an illegal addition) Allow me to share what they are up to...

My brother has some interesting ways of thinking... he is currently stuck in a lease for a year (or 10 more months) and he found it to be a brilliant idea to put a down payment down on a house! So now, my little brother and his clueless wife will be purchasing a 3 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom home that they have only seen the outside of. If they chose to drop the pursuit of this house, they lose their down payment. (I think I got the common sense in the family.) Anyway... the only positive thing is that they seem to be really excited about this new place, the neighborhood and the OUTSIDE of the house. :) Jennifer is excited that it has hardwood floors. I think she'll change her mind when it's 2 below zero outside and the floor inside is like walking on a frozen lake... but maybe not.

My brother also got his wisdom teeth out today... the full effect: drugged up, knocked out... and sent packing home. Jennifer has been taking care of him today.. but he insists that he is fine. Although has asked her 12 times so far today if he could take his teeth home with him. Fine is a relative term I guess.

Besides trying to keep my brother from the clutches of the collection agencies... Life is pretty uneventful here. Currently breaking from work, not much is going on. Had a fabulous weekend with the debate team. Enjoying the team, the event, and the good ol' times with Shannon and Co..

That is all for now... off to actually get some food and then float my car back to the office and pray that I am not the 8th accident between Sunset Cliffs and the 163 today.

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