Monday, November 15, 2004

life's amusements

Can anyone believe that Christmas is so close? I mean, I can almost legitimately listen to Christmas music without being scoffed at. This month is half over, that is crazy. However, I am quite excited that I have a week and a half left of classes. It's been a rough semester, but guess what!! I HAVE ONE MORE SEMESTER LEFT... EVER!!!! Oh it's so happy.

Besides being elated that school being done is just around the corner... life is pretty uneventful. Loving Husband and Co. took mere hours to beat Halo 2 and were unimpressed with the outcome from what I have heard... which is quite unfortunate. Work and Loving Husband are getting along nicely. I am balancing well between school, work, and playing accountant/Realtor for my brother. So for all of you that are amused my brother's antics feel free to read on...

Latest Update:
First of all I have been selling stock so that my brother and his lovely wife can purchase their home outright. Well, in order to get the deed, you kinda need to have the check in hand. A tradeoff if you will. This makes sense to you, me, the Realtor, the lawyer, and anyone else besides my brother. The long and the short of it is that Mellon Investors Services screwed up royally and have YET to sell the stock as of 2:00 p.m. EST on Monday 11/15/04. We have invested in a $600 ticket for my lovely self to fly to Minot, ND on Thursday night to be there for the CLOSING (that lovely hand over the cash get the deed ceremony) Funny enough though, we don't have a check to hand to them!!!! Yay, pissed! So I had my words with good ol' Mellon employees for about an hour today... and then another hour spent explaining to my brother that, no we can't just move in and tell them we'll give them the check as soon as it gets here. So, yes I am indeed going to Minot on Thursday night and yes I will be there for a full business day and yes there is plenty of time to sign all documents. But no, we will not be doing anything productive regarding purchasing the house.

Besides the house, my little brother has also added to his family size. Now don't panic, no small children are on their way (that would have been a headline of the post, if that were the case.) However, the happy couple have invested in 4 more dogs in addition to the lovely Droopy, still featured as my icon. Yes, that is right, 4 more dogs. 2 short wire-haired weenier dogs named Jewel and Max (they are going to breed them so they can sell the pups and still afford to EAT!) 1 cocker spaniel named, what else, Lady. And finally 1 Golden Retriever pup named Claire. Yep, and they have 5 baby hamsters in addition to the already large populous of hamsters. So they aren't moving into a new home, they are moving into a zoo.

Well, that is about all as of late. I'm off to Minot on Thursday, and I am sure I'll have plenty of adventures to share when all is said and done with that. Shannon - what have you been up to?!

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