Monday, November 22, 2004

Minot Madness

So I am in quite the festive mood - I started working on my grandma's christmas present. This year she will be receiving a photo album of many many pictures of all the family as we have grown up over the last 20 years or so. It started out that this would be an easy, inexpensive gift... well - at least it is still easy. Several pictures to develop, the album, the scrapbooking goodness, adds up fast. But it is great fun, and I am sure that she'll cry and clearly that is the best sign of a good gift - making grandmas cry.

But back to the subject matter at hand... MINOT! Oh let me tell you - this place is almost as great as Calimesa! Yep - Britton might be the only one to get that reference, but that's about it - in a nut shell. The town itself has all the essentials, Target, Taco Bell & Tailgaters - Minot itself is a decent size, more so than I would have thought. However, where they are moving to, Bottineau, they have ONE "market" and 5 whole gas stations and ummm Mae's Beanie Baby Shop. Yep... I know.

It was nice- rather enjoyable visit... the actual purpose of dropping over $700 for a weekend trip was to close the house and help them move in, but instead we simply did a walk through. Why because Mellon Service Investors didn't sell the stock. Theoretically today after yelled and screamed to 7 different people (each one higher up than the previous one) the stock sold while we were on the phone. They will expedite the check. Written apologizes will be drafted. I will have daily updates on the status of the check being issued. (I can be scary when need be, clearly.)

So Minot was great - it was supposed to snow while I was there but I guess instead it decided to snow back in the 909 - yah, what the hell?! I just watched The Day After Tomorrow --- Maybe it's happening!!?!!! Or not.

Well anyway - a happy birthday to Leann. I am sorry I couldn't be there to par-ta' down... Congrats on debate - I heard you kicked a**

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