Wednesday, July 28, 2004

We moved Carrie out today. The room looks so sad. I'm all alone in this big house. I've had two other roommates move out, but who cares I was angry and glad to see them gone for the time being (good friends, bad roommates.) But Carrie and I were great friends. Yah we had our moments where we wanted to kill each other and our pet peeves about the other, but all in all, she was the best roommate I could have asked for... and now she has to move out and I have to live with a boy. :(

I am really happy about the whole getting married thing, but on a different level I am really sad that Carrie and I won't be roommates anymore. :( We had our final celebration last night with our standard bottle of Champagne. It was great fun. I can remember back to all of those times and be super happy. AHH. Ok, enough memory lane. Carrie might be moved out, but she's just up the freeway. I refuse to turn into one of those new-married people that cut off all contact from the rest of the world and gosh darn it, we will hang out together. That goes for you too Shannon. Speaking of heard anything about the job?

Well, Carrie might be gone out of this apartment, but it is now time to head over to her's to help her make it a nice place to call home.

Back for wedding progress later....

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