Monday, July 19, 2004

12 days!

I have moved out of the teens and into the ... not teens. Today I made "to-do" lists for all of the peeps that I will have near to me. If you are staying in this house the night before the wedding, you will have jobs the next morning. Fairly warned I do say (even if Shannon is the only one of those peeps that reads this fine journal of mine.)

**** SIDE NOTE *****
My roommate just walked in and she is the color of Target! Yes, bright red! She was at a wedding, well in a wedding today, one held at the beach (awww...) and she didn't wear sun screen. I'm not exagerating. She is the color of Target! Oow it hurts to just look at her. (She does look super cute in the dress she has on)
**** END SIDE *****

Yah, so 12 days. Shannon says she'll do whatever I need, thanks man! Becky, same thing. I am actually much calmer than expected. Besides still needing to meet with Madam Patrick and give him loads of crap and establish that we are on the same page for how I want the room to look, everything is put together. Mark has some rough numbers that will be solidified later this week (he's so nice, he said that he could wait as long as next Wednesday before putting the order in) I'll give it to him before that, or I'll forget.

Photographer is confirmed, Food for wedding is confirmed (damn that patrick, freakin' call me!), flowers are bought and paid for (as soon as I take the check over there), all the supplies for the decorations of the church are bought and in one location in our living room, almost everything for the reception is in a bag and ready to go to Patrick (if he ever FREAKIN calls), presents for everyone are established and finalized purchasing will commence this week.

Those are the big things currently. To update my list from the last entry....
2. Meet with the Pastor. - Meeting with him on Wednesday night.
3. After meeting with the Pastor create the program for the wedding. - Will do after Wednesday night.
4. Finish the slideshow. - Still need to do.
5. Make the play list of music for the wedding reception.- Still need to do.
6. Print, Address, seal, stamp all announcement/invites to August Party. (P.S. anyone that is reading this is invited... ok not anyone, but anyone on my "friends list")6a. *find all address for those that I must send invites to. - Still need to do (thanks for the back up Shannon on the addressing, etc.)
7. Finish purchasing gifts. - 90% done!
8. Wrap gifts.- Still need to do.
9. Invent money trees to pay for all this nonsense. - lol riiiight.
10. Make sure that all bills are paid before leaving for honeymoon *SHANNON you must help remember this. This is one of the jobs I am giving you as a BM*
11. Find someone to do all of our hair.- Working on, but mostly done... will cost $40 Shan.
12. Pack for the honeymoon.
13. Find a song to walk out to.
14. Get my runaway dress altered.
15. Buy flipflops for the reception.
16. Go to the chriopractor while I still have insurance.
17. Talk to Olive Garden to establish rehersal dinner details.- Rehersal dinner is taken care of - transfer duty to Loving Fiance.
18. Breathe (someone will have to remind me of this from time to time)
19. Find makeup for the event. New lipstick is a must.

Wow that didn't make me feel much better. I still haven't done most of this crap! what did I do all week!? Geez.


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