Monday, July 26, 2004


Less than a week! Crrraazzy! Things are coming together though. A lot of the list has been chipped away.

1. Program - 90% finished
2. Finish the slideshow.
3. Make the play list of music for the wedding reception. 1/2 DONE
4. Print, Address, seal, stamp all announcement/invites to August Party. 1/2 DONE
4a. *find all address for those that I must send invites to.
5. Still working on the money tree thing.
6. Make sure that all bills are paid before leaving for honeymoon *SHANNON still will need the help.* 1/2 DONE
7. Pack for the honeymoon.
8. Still searching for a walk out song.
9. Get my runaway dress altered.
10. Go to the chiropractor while I still have insurance.
11. Breathe (someone will have to remind me of this from time to time)
12. Find makeup for the event. New lipstick is a must.

Really it's just down to the little stuff. Loving Fiance is working on the remaining pictures that we need for the slideshow. Then that will be done. He is also getting more music and then the reception music will be done. He thinks he might have found the song to play during the ceremony.

More to come later :)

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