Monday, July 12, 2004

I am now into the teens...

19 days. Ok, now... time to panic. Not in the oh my gosh I'll never be single again, but oh my gosh I still have tons to do!!
Enjoy my list with me will you.
2. Meet with the Pastor.
3. After meeting with the Pastor create the program for the wedding.
4. Finish the slideshow.
5. Make the play list of music for the wedding reception.
6. Print, Address, seal, stamp all announcement/invites to August Party. (P.S. anyone that is reading this is invited... ok not anyone, but anyone on my "friends list")6a. *find all address for those that I must send invites to.
7. Finish purchasing gifts.
8. Wrap gifts.
9. Invent money trees to pay for all this nonsense.
10. Make sure that all bills are paid before leaving for honeymoon *SHANNON you must help remember this. This is one of the jobs I am giving you as a BM*
11. Find someone to do all of our hair.
12. Pack for the honeymoon.
13. Find a song to walk out to.
14. Get my runaway dress altered.
15. Buy flipflops for the reception.
16. Go to the chriopractor while I still have insurance.
17. Talk to Olive Garden to establish reception dinner details.
18. Breathe (someone will have to remind me of this from time to time)
19. Find makeup for the event. New lipstick is a must.
20. (don't have time for 20... I'm in the TEENS!)

Hope all is well... I might just be getting down to that crazy-mad Bride time. Hurry so I have spectators.

Much love!

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