Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hidden Treasures

I've been staying at my grandmother's house this month that I've been So Cal. It's weird being here amid her things. Seeing many things just as she had left them and yet seeing piles and bare walls from things already in the process of being moved out and distributed to family members. I've sat around late at night by myself soaking up the memories that this house holds. Trying to remember all the sleep overs, swinging in the backyard, looking at me and my brother's feet prints in the front yard, knowing that this is the last time that I will be in this house as it is. It is possible that this property will remain in our family for a while. It is possible that I will be back in it. However, after this trip - when I go home - when I come back here it will no longer be 'Grandma's House.' It's bittersweet.

I've been photographing the small things that won't stick out in my memory as time fades. Things that are small and simple that were a part of 'Grandma's House' that won't be passed on in the family, but things that will go by the wayside or remain with the home. Somethings are truly the work of my grandfather, like his garage. Others are just silly. I am truly thankful that I had this time to spend soaking up the little things before I say goodbye to 'Grandma's House' forever.

Just a few of Grandma's bibles. I already have a few of them.

The 'breadbox' on the left and the working microwave on the right.

My Grandma's favorite picture of me, it's been in that frame as long as I can remember.

My feet and hand prints (although my hands have faded away)

A section of my grandfather's garage, our blocks we played with are in the box.

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Stacy Luce said...

Hehe, your footprints are 6 days after I was born! Fun pics!