Sunday, November 22, 2009

Birthday Sleepover!

My birthday was a few weeks back and I was out of town. Also I've been eyeing a 'night away' from my Baby Bear for a while now. He's old enough now that although he still wakes up to eat he can take a bottle of milk - and then I could stay out, consume alcohol without having to do math, and just have a night's sleep without waking up to the demands of a third party! So the girls gave me just that (with the aid of Loving Husband watching Ace) a girlie sleepover hosted by B & D! Yay! And it true B & D fashion it was an excellent time had by all!

Yep I said goodbye to my husband and Ace around 5pm on Saturday night and headed over to B & D's - the festivities began with Gorgonzola honey bites! Yummy. We consumed a good quantity of that and then I got to open my presents! Yay! I was spoiled again and got all sorts of great things: a colander that I had been wishing for for a while, a subscription to Everyday Food, cute magnety tins, a silicone wisk, a Christmas cd, and soap for my new bathroom! All very awesome and all my kitchen stuff is in my fun red color! Very exciting. :) Thanks ladies!!

Then we moved onto making dinner! A group project! We made ravioli - yum! It was a sweet potato ricotta with thyme. Yum! Very delicious and really easy (as long as you know how to operate the pasta maker.)

After dinner we moved onto crafting and a movie. Yes, B & D had a fun craft project planned out where you upcycle well-used children's Christmas books and make garland out of them. So cute and very fun and easy! All you do is create a template and then trace, cut, hole punch and string. Some of us did trees only and others added in the festive stockings as well.

We then dyed some cupcake mix and made rainbow cupcakes and consumed those on their immediate exit from the oven. Yum! The rest of our evening's schedule was: throw some Sex and The City on, continue to sip some wine finish the jumbo size bottle of wine and relax. We posed with our festive pjs on for a few pictures (note the garland in the background!) And we slowly slunk off to bed between 12:30am and 3am - Jackie and I were the night owls of the bunch!

I then slept in a bed with polar bear sheets... ok 'polar bear' is a coined term by D ... so I recognize you might not understand what on earth I'm referencing. First let me state that no actual polar bears are involved and second it's like sleeping on a giant stuffed animal. It's sooo cozy!! Basically I'm speaking of mink - oh so cozy! I still woke up a few times in the night - just because my body doesn't know any other way. However, I was able to drift right back to sleep without having to feed anyone - I woke up much more rested and not wanting to leave the polar bear sheets! Ahhh. It was a fabulous sleepover! So much fun!

Thanks ladies! Let's do it every year for my birthday!! :) hehe

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