Monday, November 2, 2009

Eden Fantasys Bachelorette Review

Yes Ladies and Gents! It's that time again! Time to review more fabulous items from the great store: Eden Fantastys and what better occasion than a bachelorette party! Yes, as the MOH one of my privileges is to host the bachelorette party. We're pretty PG rated folks though and aren't up for body shots, nude dancers, or any 'don't ask, don't tell' moments - so don't feel you need to sensor yourself from this post. Although there are some anatomy inspired products, so might not be best for the tiny tots. There the disclaimer has been issued. Proceed at your own risk.

If you recall earlier this year I did a review of the lingerie that Eden Fantastys has. I gave it a raving review then, with the quality, price and customer service all receiving the highest marks. They were certainly the first place I went looking when it was time to acquire some things for the bride to be! I went browsing their collection and found this number to the right. You see the bride is a military gal and well I just couldn't pass it up! It's adorable. The sizing is perfect and the detail is excellent - even down to the bullets on the front - too cute! You can't go wrong with camo and the material is very soft. The bachelorette gave it 2 thumbs up. I haven't asked for a follow up on the Groom's thoughts ;-)

Now onto the party materials. Eden Fantastys has a wide variety of things to make a bachelorette party exciting and racy. In fact Eden Fantasys is a one stop shop for all your Bachelorette party needs. Yes, they have veils, sashes, games, party decorations, and the list goes on... Our party was in two phases due some invitees that were under 21 and unable to get into a club, so we started off at an Italian restaurant. I didn't want it to just be dinner and then the fun start at the club so what better to make it still bachelorette fun than some festive straws and some uniquely shaped pasta. Eden Fantasys also sells Titaroni Pasta and the straws come in flesh tones AND glow in the dark and as usual the price is great.

We spoke with the wait staff before allowing the bride to come in (and I had pre-cooked the pasta) and arranged for the drinks to come out with our festive straws and for the bride's dish to be replace with the Pecker Pasta with of course some alfrado sauce on it.

It made for an excellent good time and everyone was in agreement that it really tasted good. Sometimes with novelty items it's more the gag than actual food, but this pasta was good! The Pecker Pasta also worked well as table decor, as seen with the Bachelorette modeling her Shot Glass Wedding Ring.

Yes, the Bachelorette dawned the hot bling in style, although she never did take a shot out of it. It was a tad awkward to actually pour a shot into and she's mightily clumsy. ;-) The only negative thing I'd say for this item is that it's a really small ring, there is not expanding it so it didn't fit her finger very well. Otherwise it was good fun. The bachelorette had a great time and Eden Fantastys helped kick up the naughtiness just enough to make it good clean fun for everyone.

I have to say this, Eden Fantastys is a great place to shop whether for yourself, your friend, or your partner. There is something for everyone 18+ or older ;-) So if you're in need of a good gag gift, party favor, or lingerie then I highly recommend stopping by Eden Fantastys.

This was not a paid post and honest opinions were used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others. Thank you to Eden Fantasys who supplied the products for the review.


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