Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I hate the smells and breathing factors that come with remodeling. Bleck. It all smells like something and none of it is good... It's actually a mystery to me at this point as to which smell is driving me nuts or if it's all just in my head but bleck either way. You see today they sprayed the texture on the walls and that of course comes with a smell. However today we also had air duct people come and and discover some early mold in our vents - delightful! So we had them spray a "sanitizer that they use in hospitals" into the vents. Grrrreeeeat! Just what I really need breathing chemicals - but I guess what I really don't need is to breath mold - so it's a flip of the coin as to which is going to kill me faster I suppose and we chose chemicals over mold. Hopefully it was a wise choice.

As a result of those chemicals being sprayed yesterday, I left my home at 11am after shutting off the heater and opening several windows (did I mention it was 50' outside?). I returned at 2pm in order to turn it back on - just in time to see the results of texture being sprayed all over the walls: a LOT of dust. Not exactly the time you want to turn a heater back on - especially since it lives in the very room they created all the dust in. So I left it. At 7pm I returned home after buying tile with the intention of turning it back on. The heater itself was EXTREMELY taped off - and while I'm no expert I didn't find it to be ideal to turn ON a gas heater with paper taped all over it. They also planned to paint the next day (today) so tearing it down wasn't exactly what I thought was ideal either. So at 59' my house sat and dropping... I wanted to turn the heater on and NOT be home for a few hours afterward with the windows open just to push as much of the "sanitizer" out of the house and not into our lungs as possible. Loving Husband came home and assured me all would be ok - so we turned the heater on and headed out for the evening.

All seems to be well, the overwhelming scent in the air is still paint and texture spray and the house didn't burn to the ground by turning the heater on with paper surrounding it. So we've survived to live another day.

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