Friday, November 6, 2009

The Happiest Place on Earth!

What an exciting adventure we had in Disneyland. Ace as expected was a joy to experience Disneyland with. He ran all over the park and had a blast looking at all sorts of new things. He went on a few rides he had been on the first time, including Nemo and the Jungle Cruise - certainly his two favorite parts of his time in the park. He also got to enjoy Toontown this time and run around in Mickey's house and even got to meet him. Although he was more excited to see him from across the room than right next to him, but that's ok. The best ride he doesn't remember goes to Dumbo. He was awake literally until we got the seatbelt on him and then he passed out. Completely out like a sack of potatoes for the next 40 minutes. Which did allow for Loving Husband and I to venture onto Thunder Mountain Railroad - which is by far my favorite ride in the park! Those pictures we'll save for another day so please be sure to come back by for those!

Ace once again did great - his only fuss this time was simply him voicing his opinion on his mode of transportation. He didn't want to be in the stroller very often and he didn't like being held back from running full speed ahead at all costs. Other than that he did perfectly and was a trooper and we closed down the park! Yep we stayed until they closed. The final ride we went on was Dumbo so that he could enjoy it in a conscious state. He preferred to look at the flying Dumbos rather than be in it flying Dumbos. He wasn't scared, just wasn't a fan of the wind in his face.

Ace also got to experience Disneyland with Grammie for the first time. It was so wonderful that she was able to come to Disneyland with us. She hadn't been there since the mid-90s so it was great for her to come and experience it with her first grandson. I'm sure this is just the beginning of more fun adventures with her and her grandbabies in Disneyland.

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