Monday, November 9, 2009


Yep! Tis the season (in our house) to remodel. Although I feel 'remodel' implies it was there to begin with and that was certainly not the case in our situation. You see when we purchased this house our laundry room looked like this.

We decided that while I was in California it would be a good time to turn it into a real bathroom and laundry room. Since this decision I have come to the conclusion that remodeling should be a part of pre-marital counseling. Wow! There haven't been knock out drag down fights - but sheesh we sure have had an inexplicable amount of time spent discussing tile and paint colors.

It was a challenge to plan afar and it was a tad unnerving not to be around to oversee things. I did review the contract and edit and revise it with a fine tooth comb - what kind of an attorney would I be otherwise?! :) Day One was heater removal, framing, and installing some installation and drywall. Night One my husband and the kitties slept with no heater as it was Day Two that it arrived. In case you were wondering it was about 45' during the day. That was a moment I was thankful to be afar in So Cal. They survived and our new heater went in. It's the quietest thing I've ever never heard. Seriously, I kept cranking the heater on when I came home because I didn't think it was on. Our old one (original with our 1987 home) sounded like a freight train powering through the house.

Day Four the tub went in and mudding on the drywall began and the bathroom is really starting to look like a room and not a construction zone that was unfinished... although clearly still unfinished. Day Five and Six were plumbing and the other side of the shower wall installation. Stay tuned for more pictures! The project is slated to be complete on Friday!

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Carrie said...

So excited it's coming together so quickly! Can't wait to see the finished product :)