Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Why Not Minot?

Yes, five years ago almost to the day I learned where Minot was. I learned that it's pretty much a sneeze away from Canada and I learned that it's one of the coldest places in our country sometimes. I learned all of this because when my brother joined the military this is where he was stationed: Minot AFB. Him and his new bride trekked to the snowy flat lands and made Minot, North Dakota their home for the last five years and this Friday my brother completes his service to our country and makes his trek back to California with his wife and new daughter.

Minot was never very fun for them. Big city folk did not transplant well into Minot. They had some extremely unfortunate weather, a few accidents, frozen pipes and whatnot occured during their lives but they survived. They are coming back to their hometown. Where two doting grandmothers (and a grandpa) await to spoil the newest addition to the families.

My brother is a great airman, just like his grandfather was. Thank you for serving our country for the last five years brother. I love you and am very proud.

Taken at my wedding just a few months after he completed his schooling.

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