Thursday, November 12, 2009


I am pretty sure that Ace is starting to believe that Lowes and Home Depot are his second and third homes as he has been in them nearly every day for weeks now. Checking tile, toilets, cabinets, lights and vanities, oh my! Tonight was the final installment of our tour of Lowes. Yes all the items have been purchased and thanks to the Veteran's 10% discount offered at both Lowes and Home Depot we saved $150 on all of our purchases! Yipee! Tonight was picking up the toilet and ordering 'custom' cabinets - that aren't custom at all but they don't keep them in stock so um yes, our cabinets above the washer and dryer will be here around December 1st.

In our family the member dragging and screaming NOT to go into Lowes is me, not our son. In fact it's a giant playland for him. He loved running up and down the aisle and pushing the 92lb toilet!! My boy's got some muscles!

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Mom said...

Grandpa would be so proud of Little Man.. Lowes and Home Depoit were one of his favorite places to go. Another generation of "tool buyers".