Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fifteen Months Old

Ace is 15 months old and is such a big boy. It amazes me every time I think back to last year at this time. The fact that he is now about to celebrate his second Thanksgiving baffles me. Seriously how fast time flies. It's not a cliche - it's truly real.

Ace's new words spoken in his 15th month of life: eight, nine, all done, stuck and he is very big into repeating so honestly he's said lots of things - the general point being he doesn't say any of these words consistently or often but he has said them clear as a bell a time or two. It also serves as an important reminder that he is now into the repeat mode and so we all must be very careful which words come out of our mouths around him. Signing we have added 'sorry' to his list of understanding which he's learning to use after his timeouts.

Yes, Ace has experienced timeouts already and I think actually does grasp the understanding for the most part. He's partial to one of my lamps and if he is able to understand 'go get Mickey' and he'll walk across the room to pick up his stuffed Mickey then he is able to understand 'do not touch the lamp' and when he does it after being warned not to - he gets a 5 minute time out - and then in order to get out of timeout he had to tell mommy he's sorry and then we talk about how Jesus wants us to obey our parents and that we only put him in timeout so that he'll learn a lesson and have a better understanding. Yes, I know that last part probably is missed by him, but better to talk now and be consistent from the get go and understand entirely later. :)

Ace experienced his first night away from mommy during his 15th month. Yes Loving Husband graciously offered to watch him overnight while I enjoyed a slumber party with the girls for my birthday. It was excellent fun and Ace did pretty well - considering he has still NOT slept through the night so it was a bit of a shock to wake up in the middle of the night and mom not be there. The hugs I received upon my return were priceless.

Ace continues to participate in swim lessons. He is doing better with his back floating -although still isn't a true fan. He's doing great with dips and the last two weeks has greatly enjoyed going down the slide into the water. He squeals with excitement.

More teeth are on their way and have been making an effort to enter his mouth all month - which makes for many sleepless nights for the whole family. Yep the molars are coming. None have arrived just yet but on both sides there are little bumps so they are just under the surface.

Food wise Ace has started to improve beyond his birdlike tendencies. He's eating more people food and has graduated away from jar food entirely - so if anyone needs any Earth Best's baby food I have about 15 jars that could use a good home. He loves lots of different food. But if he doesn't want it he will spit it right out. It can be frustrating at times, but for the most part we can't complain.

Not sure what he weighs but just in the last couple of weeks he just feels heavier so we're pretty sure he's packed on a few pounds since returning from California - where he weighed 19lbs according to Grandma's scale. So we'll see in a week what he weighs when he goes in for his 15 Month appt.

Ace continues to love to run around and play, but he also likes to sit and read. He's a joy to have around and we are all looking forward to him opening presents on Christmas morning. In fact I plan to wrap plain boxes just for him to tear into. Wish us luck - no telling how he'll do with the Christmas tree this year!

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Lori said...

Happy 15!

If I lived near you I'd be ALL over the baby food. SERIOUSLY.