Saturday, November 14, 2009

Houston We Had a Problem

See at the end of Day Eight of the Great Bathroom Remodel our shower looked like this:

All sealed with it's red glory of waterpoofing and all set for tile. Day Nine began with tile installation. 18x18 tiles being placed on said walls.

I left for a few hours, expecting to see lots of tiling complete. I returned to see all tile removed. Hmmm turns out that the wall was bowing under the pressure of the bigger tile and in general due to the house 'settling'. I've been told it's good that they caught it now because what would inevitably have happened is that the bowing of the wall would have caused one (or more) tiles to detach and then the whole mess would have come tumbling down at any time. That would have been delightful.... or not. So what occurred was that these poor workers had to remove the tile and then take off the walls.

Yes the sealed in place walls and then put some extra support and level out the walls. So instead of tiling on Day Nine they spent redoing what had been done on Day Seven and Day Eight. They were none to happy. So on Day Ten the walls went back up and tiling began again. By the end of Day Eleven this was the status:

Saturday: Day Twelve (a day past the finish date of Friday, the new finish date is Tuesday) they will finish the last few tiles and then put the grout in and then they will begin the laying the floor tile. They are done with painting, in fact in this last picture you can see the color 'Gravity' that we went with. We like it. I'll be happy when the tile gets going for the floor. Oh let's be honest I'll be happy when it's DONE. D-O-N-E!

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