Saturday, January 31, 2009

A California Vacation

We had a wonderful visit to California visiting Ace's Grammie and Great Grum along with several others that were eager to meet our little guy. Ace did wonderfully on both the flight there and home and we were lucky enough to have both flights the extra seat in the row! What a blessing that was, although we certainly could have managed without that extra seat, it was nice to not have to worry about the passenger next to us being bothered by our little guy or me breastfeeding. There was never a need to worry though he was an angel. He's going to be a world traveler I know it. :)

While in California we spent most of the time at home-base and had the visitors come to us. We ventured out once or twice to visit those that couldn't come to us, but otherwise it was mostly just a time to be at Grum's house and relax. Ace did wonderfully with all the visitors in and out of the house all day - and also enjoyed playing with his Grammie a lot.

Ace is regularly rolling over onto his tummy and getting frustrated after a bit once he's there because he doesn't realize that he can roll back over - and at this moment I am simply enjoying the remaining days of a non-mobile baby!!! I know my days are numbered. Ace also had a few days of intense teething while we there there and his first little tooth is partially peeking out of his gums. So many firsts this time of year! So far so good in the biting department - I've escaped feedings unscathed to date.

Ace went to my childhood church (were my mom and grandma still attend) with us on Sunday and did very well, but it being a smaller church than we typically attend it was cute to hear the little old ladies in the pew behind us when I took Ace out of his car seat and there was this on cue "awww" - I'm not sure how much of the sermon those ladies actually heard that day.

Grammie and Grum had gotten Ace a Pack-n-Play for him to sleep/nap in while we were down there and he enjoyed many naps in there as with all the visitors he napped way more than he typically does. He also napped often in the sling! Thank goodness I brought that! He was sweet just to sit in there and poke his little head out to see all that was around him.

Also on this trip to Cali I was able to see a group of my friend that we haven't been able to ALL get together in nearly a decade! Over the years we've managed to get 4 of us max in a room at one time, but that was it - so it was wonderful to get everyone together and just spend some time reminiscing of old times.

It was wonderful to make it down to California and visit friends and family, some of whom I hadn't seen since my baby shower last May. I was so pleased that everyone was able to meet Ace while he was a baby, but yet old enough to interact with them as well. It was a wonderful trip! Enjoy the slideshow of our adventures!


Mom said...

We in So Cal were privileged to have LITTLE MAN visit. He is a trooper. Thank you for your visit.

Holly said...

Aww! What a cute son! No wonder the little old ladies thought he was adorable!