Friday, January 2, 2009

Sucker punched by a 4 month old...

Ace is in the early phases of teething. Yep he's pretty young for it, but they're on their way in. Nothing has quite surfaced but the gums from time to time get swollen, red and a very sad little boy emerges and replaces my normally very happy and smiley boy. It is heartbreaking.

Although today my heart wasn't breaking when my nose almost did. Now I say sucker punch and most people would think a right cross to the nose. But let's be serious a four month old's arms don't pack that great of a punch (now his legs are a different story, but we'll save that for another blog) but a four month old, specifically my four month old doesn't have complete control of his arms and still has that *twitch* that young babies have from time to time. Often we refer to these arms as his "airplane" arms. Where he will just start flapping them for no real reason. When he's calm it's adorable. When he's super sad, fussy and downright having a melt down it's potentially hazardous.

Tonight my dear son was teething again and he was just plain uncomfortable, nothing really helped and he was flailing where ever he could, salmoning away at every chance. I finally managed to get him a little calm and he was sitting on my lap... he must have had a surge of pain when all of the sudden he lurches and his little airplane arms start going full speed in a more helicopter motion - fingers sprawled and into my nose ... WAY into my nose did one of those fingers go. Baby fingers are tiny so as we adults have sort of built in roadblocks with our own fingers fitting into our nostrils only so far (ew!) baby fingers have no problem fitting into an adults nostril with full force... to make eyes water. I was convinced my nose was bleeding it was throbbing and my eyes were watering and while I wanted to sit there stunned as if I had been sucker punched - I didn't have time for me, my poor little helicopter boy was very sad and needed to be walked around the room... and we did walk all the way to a mirror to conclude that I wasn't bleeding, but had an oddly shaped nose as half of it was swollen.

Yup, so for my first day of the new year I was sucker punched by a four month old. We're off to an amusing start!

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pam said...

Teething is the worst. You just feel so bad for the little guys. Teeth are a problem your whole life, aren't they?

Hope tomorrow is better and the tooth cuts soon.