Thursday, January 1, 2009

About Me

Hi everyone, I am The A-Priori Mommy, Jo. I am a SAHM to a houseful of excitement! There’s the husband, the boy, the little girl and a scrappy pup and a fish! We all live happily on the west coast (most of the time!) and keep busy with many different things. We love the Lord and living our lives for Him, and I am so bless that I am able to stay at home with my son and daughter. It is such a joy that I am able to watch my littles grow and change every day.

Life has gotten busy and I've come to value our privacy more as the kids get older - but this still is a place I love to come back and relive the tales of when they were tiny.   And still from time to time update and log more of our fun, so its pretty quiet here these day, but there are still lots of ideas to find for toddler fun, education, theme parties, and more!  
And finally to answer the ever burning question, that I know you all wonder about...
What does it mean to be an A-Priori Mommy? Well... it's a complicated legal term often used in debate and the simple shortened explanation is that you obtain knowledge through experiences that are logically related to one another and therefore that knowledge of logical relations of ideas is a priori knowledge because we are able to perceive these logical relations without needing empirical evidence for them. Or at first glance you know it to be true because logic tells you it is so! My belief in God is an example of a priori knowledge. There are so many logical ideas and examples of his existence that I don't NEED empirical evidence (although there is plenty!) So all that to say that I am a mommy who operates on logical ideas and while I read and experience things I don't seek out empirical data to raise my son on a daily basis. In fact, I'd say many moms are A-Priori mommies themselves. Our gut instinct never fails!

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Deb said...

Hi Jo,

Congratulations on being the SITS FB today!

I love the a-prior term. Maybe I don't completely understand it. So, is empirical evidence information that is gathered? Like something that we can touch or see?

Anyway, I like learning new words.

Back to you. Enjoy your day.

Sweet dreams!