Saturday, January 24, 2009

Five Months Old

Really? Can it be possible? Ace is five months old today; and what a month it has been. From Christmas to California, Ace has had a lot of visiting and fun over the last month of his life.

New firsts over this last month? His first trip on an airplane, his first trip to California, his first theft, rolling over from back to front, his first Christmas, his first new years, his first pair of bell bottoms!

Ace began his fifth month of life on Christmas morning. He awoke to his Grandma Carol and Aunt A and Uncle S and 5 more inches of snow falling for his (and my) first white Christmas. It was wonderful. His visitors headed out to get Pop Pop and Gran from their house in the all-wheel drive vehicle and then we enjoyed Christmas afternoon and evening enjoying each other's company and everyone enjoying watching Ace enjoy his first Christmas. In the evening we enjoyed opening some gifts and received the GIANT Nemo.

The snow began to melt and Ace finally made it to his four month appointment (a week late) and he measured at 25" (76%) and 14.9lbs (56%) a happy and growing baby boy. The doctor agreed his little teeth were starting to make their way in as she noted some swollen gums. To date there are not any broken through, but you can certainly feel them right under the gums now.

New Years Eve rolled around and we had our annual New Years Eve Party and this year it was themed in the 70's! So little Ace enjoyed sporting the tie-dye and bell bottoms. Ace was a perfect angel for his mom and dad. He enjoyed the company of everyone coming in and saying hi to him, and like clockwork headed to bed (in the room with the kitties) right at 11pm. He went down perfectly and was out within 15 minutes. Slept through the new year and woke up for his nightly snack around 1:30am. So mom and dad were able to enjoy ringing in the new year with friends with no fuss! Such a big and cooperative boy.

The first of the year has been pretty easy going after all the holiday hussle and bussle. Ace has enjoyed staying at home with mom and playing on his play mat. He has started to enjoy playing in his Exersaucer now that he is tall enough and has started to sit up almost entirely on his own. He rolled over from back to front for the first time one week shy of being a month old and has continued to do it. Just today he started (when placed on his knees) to start scooching using his toes. He still isn't interested in using his arms... but he is moments away from crawling. Ace still enjoys Kokomo as his soothing agent in the car and just before our trip to California we created a cd exclusively of Kokomo. Whatever works.

On Thursday we took Ace's first trip on an airplane. He did wonderful. He fell asleep before we went up and then was awake and happy. He had a moment of fussing on the initial descent into the airport that caused him some discomfort, but overall he is off to a good start to be a world traveler. :)

Since being in California he has had many visitors from his Great Aunt & Uncle and several other Aunties and of course Grammie and Great Grum. His Grum has been trying to teach him the last few days how to wink. He really is trying to do it and it's adorable to watch his eyes twitch as he's trying to do it. We have a few more days of excitement here in California and Ace is enjoying the warm weather. Ace's sixth month is off to a good start today!

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