Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tipsy Tuesday

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So let's talk about Diaper Genie Refills!

For some reason whenever I'm at Target they are always out of Diaper Genie II refills. All the time. I don't understand it. So often I have to go to Babies R Us to get said items. The only other time I go there is for diapers and do a) I remember to get the refills when buying diapers b) stock up before I run out? Nope, never! So what do you do? Do you simply convert the DG to a regular trash can and just hope for the best? Do you set the DG aside allowing it to collect dust while the room fills with fumes too horrifying to discuss until you can find the moment to get yourself together to get out the door to go shopping? No!

We have found a solution in our house! This actually was my husband's solution but I found it ingenious and again it's possible that I'm quite daft (recall the Mommy Brain) and this is of course what everyone does when they run out of DG refills. Well here it is. Take a standard trash bag and roll it down, then place the bottom through just as you would the refills and tuck the bulk of the trash back where the DG refill should be. Close the DG up as usual and wa-la you have a make shift DG refill that will certainly last until you go to the store. It keeps the DG clean and contains the smell just as well. The only draw back is toward the end - the bag is so much bigger that the old diapers have expanded the trash bag within the DG and the spring board holding the DG closed to lock in the "freshness" tends to sag open, so as the more diapers are added the wider the hole stays open- but it certainly will work for a day or two!

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The Blonde Duck said...

I stopped by from SITS. I wonder if that trash tip could work on my dogs...I love Tipsy Tuesday!

LORI said...


thewritegal said...

Great tip I wish I would have known about 8 years ago. I love your blog! I am a former paralegal (now paralegal instructor and writer)and I participated in Tipsy Tuesday today. :)

Amy said...

We never did the Diaper Genie. We had a "Diaper Champ". Same concept, except you don't have to buy special bags for it. It actually uses regular kitchen trash bags. Also, we never would put a diaper containing "#2" in the diaper champ. Those always went immediately outside into a bucket then dumped in the trash at the end of the day.

Thanks for visiting me!

Alison said...

If you're not attached to your diaper genie I have friends that LOVE their Baby Trend New Diaper Champ...I thought it was easier to use myself :) and it uses regular trash bags so no extra trips needed!

AP Mommy said...

I have a friend that has both the DG and the Diaper Champ - and stopped using the DC because it could not keep the smell out of the room. So the DG still has my nose's "heart" ;-)

FROGGITY! said...

great idea! i have to say that i gave up on my diaper genie back when my little lady was a mere 5 months old... we just used trash bags... but then i heard that the diaper champ was good... so next go round (we are going to try for #2 very soon)... i may get a diaper champ!!

i wish i had tips... i may have to think about that one and get back to you!!! :)

Megan said...

Cute blog. Thanks for visiting me. =)