Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tipsy Tuesday

Welcome to the Premiere edition of Tipsy Tuesday! I thought it would be fun to share ideas, tips, and findings from crafty and ingenious women. No need to be a mommy to participate! It can be about anything! From tips for cleaning carpet stains to the best way to keep crafty scissors sharp (I'd love a tip on this!) to a great book find to bargain deals!

So join in the fun of sharing your tip of the week! To Join in Tipsy Tuesday excitement:
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I thought that I would start this event off with my favorite tip that I received out of a book of tips: The New Mom's Manual. The tip that I have found to be the most beneficial for this here new mom has been the use of makeup wedges and diaper cream application!
Ingenious! Perhaps I was daft and every other mommy on the planet has been aware of this from their inception - but I found it to be one of the most profound discoveries during my pregnancy... and I utilized it fully since the arrival of our son. Because let's face it - diaper cream smells. Don't get me wrong it is a thousand times better than the substance that causes the need for diaper cream... but still it smells quite medicine-y (even if you get the Au' natural stuff, I think) and it does NOT come off with a simple wash of the hands. And thus why I find this tip to be ingenious! Simply apply the diaper cream to the wedge and apply to baby's bum accordingly. For those frugal mommies (like me) you can save and reuse the sponge for a few applications or for those who say a bag of makeup sponges is less than $2 for 50 at Target and only want to use it once (my husband) then that's just fine too!


Carla said...

What a cool tip! The cream kind of smells like ben-gay doesn't it? May all your diaper cream go on smooth, and may your baby's bottom not need much:)

Organizing Mommy said...

Now that my little ones are all grown up, I wish I had known that tip earlier. We used to call that stuff "butter". Mommy I need butter on my bottom.. when they had a rash.. It would have been nice not to have to touch it. It sticks to your fingers also. There's also a blog called the tip junkie that you can submit tips to and it increases your reader base. I've been on there a few times--nice!