Monday, January 12, 2009

Menu Planning Monday

Success! Last week was my first attempt (via the blogging world) to plan and execute a weeks worth of meals. I've tried in the past but life or myself always got in the way. I think having the list in the digital world helped spur me on to keep on cookin!

To report on our yummy meals, I didn't stick quite to the menu as it was laid out. We had a freak bout of snow on Sunday that prevented the necessary trip to the grocery store (it was only a few inches, but it was supposed to rain away before the end of the day and we were waiting for that to occur... it didn't.) So Monday's meal (a soup) required a lot of prep and my husband (who kindly offered to do the shopping, because with a teething baby, it's less than ideal to shop with him) couldn't do it until after work on Monday. We would have been eating soup on Tuesday early-AM if we had chosen to make soup. So I made Poppy Seed Chicken instead. Yum! Tuesday was our potluck night, got rid of more drinks left over from New Years Eve... and Wednesday I think was my favorite. Steak Fajitas over Mexican rice with sweet potato rosemary and garlic fries. I know it doesn't sound like they go together - but they were delicious! Although Thursday was a close second - the Chicken Tortilla Soup! Yummy again. It was the first time I've ever made a soup from scratch - I'm a pro at taking a soup and adding meat to it but nothing more elaborate than that. Friday was leftover day! Saturday night went off without a hitch and my husband made it while I was putting the boy down for a nap. Sunday as usual unpredictable and was leftovers and McDonald's (I had two dinners, don't judge me!)

This week! I chose to hunt for some inspiration and where better than and the links set up by these fabulous bloggers! Yummy! So here's the menu for this week!

Monday: Mini Meatloafs

Tuesday: Potluck style again... we're in charge of bread!

Wednesday: Oven Fried Chicken

Thursday: Campbell's Hearty Chicken & Noodle Casserole

Friday: On Your Own! It's Bunco Night!

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Unpredictable as usual!

To find out what other bloggers are cooking this week check out Orgjunkie's page and see what's cookin!


Brenda said...

What a great week of meals! The mini meatloafs sound yummy!

Melissa said...

Great idea! It's so difficult to plan out meals, go shopping, and then cook when you have a little one! You did an awesome job!