Monday, January 5, 2009

A banshee or a boy?

That is the current question in this household. Tonight *we* went to bed early/on time. Loving Husband is going back to work after enjoying a nice lengthy vacation and so for the first time in a few weeks bedtime mattered. We're not the best at creating a bed time routine for Ace as of yet... in fact I'm not sure how great we will ever be at it - but tonight we started to get him down around 9:30 - when he isn't utterly exhausted - this process takes about an hour. Is that normal?

He sleeps in our bed still - a few weeks back I attempted to transition him to the cradle next to my bed ... but he's too long for it already and I just am not ready to have him sleep in the other room. Anywhoo - so once both the boy and my husband were O-U-T and had been for at least 20 minutes (I waited for that deep breathing Ace does when he's really out) I headed down to the craft room to work on my GAM, because I'm a born night-owl.

Yes I can sleep in until noon, but I don't have to - I can function on 5 hours of sleep or less. It was a tremendous super power for me during law school when sleep was one of the 5 S's you got to choose to accomplish within the week (study, sleep, support (aka work), socialize, school) on average 3 of these were truly possible within a day if you were going to do them justice. All were possible if mediocrity was all you were aiming for. Sorry for the sidetrack... as I was saying... I don't need much sleep. I'm pushing 30 and have a 4+ month old kid and there is no signs of me requiring much more than I ever have required... I'm sure if we add another kid to the mix my song will change it's tune.

As I was saying... I was in the craft room when all of the sudden I heard my little guy screaming in his highest pitched terrified screaming voice and it really has to be loud to hear him all the way on the basement level of the house! It was hard to tell as I dropped what I was doing and ran up two flights of stairs to see what was wrong. Loving Husband was stirring - he wasn't sure what Ace was fussing was a result of... and there my little boy lay crying very sadly and still screeching (this was all within seconds, I run very fast it doesn't reflect poorly on my husband's actions during this time, as he was waking from a dead sleep himself to address the situation.) I tried to nurse him, worried that he had been looking for a hit off the milk tap and I had been missing, but he was still very sad and very asleep. I picked him up and soothed him and then he finally woke up. He smiled at me and started rooting for a snack - looking at me like why did you wake me up momma? Poor little guy. I think his mouth is hurting him.

Since the banshee scream I've stayed up here to ensure he's doing ok and so that Loving Husband can continue to get some sleep before work tomorrow... and Ace has a few times started to wind up that banshee motor and I've simply put my hand on his chest and said it's ok sweetheart, keep sleeping.

Wow, quite the ramble... well it's true to the mantra of the blog!


Nana said...

I had a banshee once. Well I had 4.
This particular banshee never snapped out of it. Turned out she was and is a sleep walker,talker. She would cry and scream and yell all while being sound asleep. I took her to the Dr. He of course laughed. I hope you don't have a true banshee. He is a sweetie.

Carrie said...

I love how you compare him to a banshee. Screaming banshee. Hehe. Poor guy.

AP Mommy said...

Indeed it did! Hence why I managed to make it up 2 flights of stairs in less than 2 seconds. Poor baby :(

* said...

VIA SITS. One day it will all be a nostalgic memory. Right? LOL. Get some sleep!

Kristen Andrews said...

my son has always been a terrible sleeper but the older he gets the better it gets! Thanks for stopping by!