Monday, January 26, 2009

First Haircut

Yes, after much complaining on my husband's part, we trimmed my baby's hair. It's true that he was born with a full head of hair, adorable and dark! But between cradle cap and the standard expectation of 'baby's hair always falls out' it had almost all fallen out - and he was starting to look like a Who a little Charlie Loo Who. :) I thought it was sweet, but he got a hair cut.

While visiting his Grammie and Great Grum in California my little boy at 5 months old received his first haircut. I don't know why I find this traumatic, it's just a hair cut... but seriously, very traumatic for me. As you'll see in the video I am very distraught. You'll also see my husband and I with differing opinions on how all this should take place :) and Ace who seemed to be very interested in the shiny scissors. And after all that it's still unruly, but apparently it's now more "respectable."

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Kelly @ Wisdom Begun said...

We always had to cut our kiddos hair early and I actually cried when we had to give my son his first hair cut at 4 months old. Sigh. Mommyhood is very emotional!

Love your blog and your little boy is so precious.