Monday, January 12, 2009

That appliance ate my socks!

Nope, not the dryer! After all these years with a bad rap, the dryer has been cleared in the accusations of eating foot paraphernalia. We have discovered that it is in fact the washing machine. Seriously. I have been wracking my brain wondering where on earth those tiny baby socks have gotten off to. I mean yes they are small - but honestly I take them off in pairs (most of the time) they make it to the laundry pile together - and to the best of my knowledge they make it to the washing machine - and then where do they go from there!?

Well... tonight we established it is in fact the washing machine eating our baby's socks. The nerve! Impossible you say? Oh no it is very true. We own a front loading washing machine (a Maytag MFW9700S Epic, in case you too own such a beast!) and I love it. It washes clothes wonderfully, is water efficient, and takes very little soap to clean... but now I've discovered it eats my socks.
Ok what on earth am I talking about?! If you don't own this beast allow me to explain. When you open the door (which is quite thick) the space the door fits in kind of where the drum is connect to everything there is a piece of rubber that creates the seal for the door. It is NOT however a sealed piece of rubber. It is the location that if it were a dryer some lint traps are located. I've provide a stock photo below in case my rambling rhetoric is driving you batty. Now I don't have socks in the mechanics of my washing machine (I don't think!) but that space is like a black hole. A black hole for socks, underwear... you name it if it's smaller than a onesie it can and was collecting in there. Delightful!
So the next time you can't find a PAIR of socks - it is quite possible that your WASHER ate them.


Stephanie said...

I have my first front loading washer here in France and have the same problem. Our solution was to buy a bunch of mesh laundry bags (lingerie bags) and put all of the socks in them. The few times we have neglected that duty we have had socks waiting for us in the rubber seal. I don't know if that will help you.

Your menu looks yummy. I am a big soup fan but hubby and the kids are not. I don't have enough freezer space for decent soup batches so I am counting days until we move back and I have a real freezer again. :)

Mistress B said...

Our old top loader used to eat our socks so I believe you!

You might have to put your baby socks in a lingerie bag

Thanks for stopping by my blog

The Blonde Duck said...

I wanted to say hi from SITS!

It could be lint gremlins taking your socks.

Melissa said...

Oh yes! I remember the washing machine eating baby socks. I don't know how many packs of socks I bought before realizing what was going on!

Mommy of M's said...

How funny! I'm visiting from SITS.

I'm tagging you with a photo tag if your interested.

FROGGITY! said...

oh, yes! i am SO glad that you stopped by. i am very certain that we will get along. :) mommyhood, the law, and LOST? let's just say i am excited to read more of your blog!

and love this post. hmmmm, i have never thought of the WASHER as the culprit! a lingerie bag really is a good idea.


Still On The Verge said...

OMG! Yours eats socks too! Mine not only eats socks, it has just started to eat dish towels too!


What A Card said...

Oh my! I never thought of that. I've found misc. socks BEHIND the washer, but never in it :)

Yummy yummy socks!

Yaya said...

OMG! The washer ate the socks! Too funny!!!!

Jolene said...

I have a front loader, (although not the same model as yours) and I always find so much crap in that rubber flap...tissues, lint, receipts, an occasional coin and yes, baby socks.. LOL