Thursday, January 29, 2009

First Solid Foods!

Wow what a beginning to Ace's sixth month of life! At the beginning of this week he had himself a haircut and now he has entered the world of solid food! Yep my boy is growing up! SLOW DOWN! After a wonderful visit to California we are back and home in the NW.
After several weeks of Ace reaching for our food and trying his darnest to drink out a big boy cup (a post for another day!) we finally decided to try him on solid foods after returning from vacation. So today Ace and I ventured to the store to get ourselves from organic rice cereal, yum! Mixing it with breastmilk and sitting him in his high chair and this boy was ready to go! Ace took to it instantly and seemed to enjoy it. He had a little twitch after each bite which was accompanied by a smile. I apologize for my arm being in the way for much of the video, I'm a lefty what can I say. Next time I video I'll put Ace on the other side of the table.

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