Friday, June 11, 2010

Flashback Friday

I used to work in a crazy place. I quit after the crazy turned into madness. But back when it was just 'crazy' it was a lot of fun. My coworker Vanessa and I enjoyed writing down random things that people said that were often most fun out of context, or misspoken phrases, and we would publish them in the office newsletter every month or so. Vanessa and I were also all about boosting the morale of the office and so often had parties themed around holidays: Christmas, Valentine's Day... one of the attorney's I worked for quipped at the Valentine's Day party "What are you guy's doing for Flag Day?" And that is all the motivation that we needed.

We started stocking up on all things flag related. We even got some of the other staff in on it. The night before, after said attorney left his office, we went to work. We even dragged the full size flag from the conference room into his office (along with the state flag, it's only proper.) We altered his desktop background, created a screen saver of flags, put on a streaming loop of patriotic music that was blaring, and highlighted from the last newsletter his forever infamous quote and placed it on his keyboard for when he arrived into work. Oh and we also got his wife in on it who picked out his shirt for the day 'in honor' of this great event. We had a lot of fun. He never made another quip again :)

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Sarah in Seattle said...

Oh I miss those good ole' days......