Tuesday, June 15, 2010

10 Weeks and 2 Days

Today we had another ultrasound. I've gained another pound in the two+ weeks I was gone. Which I find amazing consider the amount I have not kept down in those last two weeks... but it was more likely that we fooled the scale with that pound since I had just consumed a burrito and a half from McDs and nearly 12oz of OJ :) so more likely is I gained nothing at all from the last two weeks. Which is fine I had already gained 5 from my 'starting' weight. We also weighed Ace (fully clothed with shoes) and he weighed 23.8lbs. So that means he's gained weight - I know his clothing didn't weigh 3.8lbs I'd say 2max so that means our little guy has put on roughly 2lbs! YIPEE! That makes me excited because between 12months and 18months he put on 2lbs TOTAL. He's a skinny mini :)

So we went in and got the ultrasound done - more goo on the belly (and later on my clothes, delightful) and we got to see our little girl (or boy) s/he was laying on their back and we had a nice side profile where we could see the arms, legs, nose, mouth, and eyes. Everything is there and accounted for. His (or her) little heart was beating quite quickly at 163bpm, but that is still well within the norm. :) S/he was moving and waving at us and kicking her (or his) very tiny legs. Momma is looking forward to another mini-soccer player growing inside of her. To me his (or her) legs already look long like Ace's were.

Baby TIME wasn't quite big enough to do the measurement of her (or his) neck to establish if s/he has down syndrome. Although the measurement they did take was still within the normal range, so there isn't anything to be concerned about. So far Baby TIME is very happy and growing at just the rate s/he should.

We get to see Baby again on the 30th for the official measurement and can't wait for that date!

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Design it Chic said...

Congrats on the new baby!!! Wish you have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby:)I used to follow you on your other blog and now i find out you moved here:) good to know!
Happy Wednesday!